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Professional quality



The "Swiss Made"

Wemo manufactures mobile cooling devices like coolers, refrigerators and refrigerated containers in the temperature range of +10 to -80°C.

Many can be used in 12V and 24V. As a specialist in refrigeration technology, we develop and manufacture individual solutions for mobile and commercial refrigeration.

Almost all cooling devices offered by WEMO-Geräte AG can be powered by battery or solar energy.



The impossible becomes possible

The benchmark for on-board audio-video.

The Fla will meet your needs while respecting your budget.

All products are supplied from official Swiss importers.

The Car & Sound shop and workshop are located in Courrendlin, route de Delémont 11.

We are delighted to be able to count on him at all times.


Banditoy by bandieri Sàrl

Banditoy Parts

Your Partner for Toyota Land Cruiser & Hilux Parts

We find and supply the desired parts or an alternative solution


New and used spare parts

Genuine Toyota or equivalent quality parts. We are also distributors Land Tamer for Switzerland. We take particular care to provide quality parts and always recommend the most appropriate solution for you and your vehicle.  

Parts dealerLand Tamer

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