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Restored VW T1


Find various renovations here, including the interior of a first generation VW T1. Replacement of a lifting roof seal on a VW T4.

interior fittings

Find here various interior fittings, in particular the introduction of tailor-made ceiling lights in a Citroën Campster, the creation of a storage console for professional purposes...

fridge inside a pick-up
roof tent on a pick-up

Outdoor Facilities

Find here various exterior fittings, in particular the installation of different awnings on a VW T5 and a Fiat Ducato Maxi, the cutting of bodywork for the installation of rear vents. Roof cutting for skylights and air conditioning.


Find here various photovoltaic installations, notably on lifting roofs with the passage of cables internally, guaranteed waterproofing. Installation of flexible or rigid panels.

solar panels on Citroën lifting roof
electrical installation in VW T5

Electrical installation

Find various electrical installations here, including the installation of inverters or CIBI. Invisible internal vehicle wiring. Creation of custom-made electrical cabinet plates.



Palombo Metalwork

Find here various locksmith creations, notably those of Palombo Metal Work, such as the mechanically welded storage spaces in a VW Caddy from a chimney sweeping company.

Locksmith in VW Caddy
kitchen cabinet with oven

Carpentry work

Find here various carpentry works, in particular the inlay of an oven in a piece of furniture purchased in a supermarket, the creation of drawers for the bed of a pick-up...

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